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Cofarmers Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) is Nigeria's leading online marketplace for fresh and nutritious farm produce, connecting local farmers directly with consumers.

Please follow the following instructions to post your ads on CoFarmers

1. Sign in to your profile if you have registered with us (if not)

2. Sign up for free

3. On your dashboard click on the button “Sell” button

4. Complete all the information. Choose a proper category, upload the photos of your item, and write a clear title with a detailed description of what you’re selling. After that, enter a fair price and double-check the information you’ve entered;

5. Ensure that everything looks fine, click on the “Submit” button;

6. Weldone! Kindly allow us few minutes to ensure that your ad compile with our rules. We will notify you via email once your ad is published.

7. Deal done. You are really welcome.

Please follow our simple guide:

1. Search for the item: Use a search panel with filters and find what you need. We have over a million adverts, so you can choose exactly what you are looking for.

2. Contact a seller: You may chat on Cofarmers or call a seller via phone and set up a meeting face to face, discuss some details or negotiate about the price.

3. Take your item or order a delivery: We check our sellers carefully, but it’s always better to check twice, right? Meet with the seller in a public place and be sure to pay only after you get the item.

4. Leave your feedback about the seller: Feel free to share your experience, write your feedback on the seller’s page.

The platform offers a wide range of products, including nuts, seeds, superfoods, dietary supplements, pantry essentials, healthy snacks, breakfast foods, specialty ingredients, tractor, Bulldozers, Planters and Seeders, Self-Propelled Sprayer, Harvesting, Excavators, Hay & Forage, Forklifts, Cages, Debouching Machine, Egg Incubators, Feather Remover, Irrigation Sprinklers, Milling Machines, Pelletizing Machine, Rice Destoners, Smoking Kilns, and various farm produce.

We encourage sellers to be transparent in their dealing and also encourage buyers to ensure adequate due diligence before engaging in any transaction.

Yes, the cofarmers marketplace offers dairy alternatives such as coconut milk and Greek yogurt.

By connecting farmers directly with consumers, the platform promotes sustainable agriculture and supports the local economy.

The platform offers free online marketplace for connecting local farmers and agribusinesses directly with consumers, ensuring high-quality products and supporting sustainable agriculture.

Yes, the marketplace offers specialty ingredients like chia seeds, moringa leaves, and soursop fruit

You can find or sell a variety of pantry essentials, including tomato paste, soy sauce, oyster sauce, and cod liver oil.

Yes, offers a range of protein-rich foods, such as black beans, chickpeas, and quail egg

Yes, the platform includes immune-boosting foods like moringa leaves and soursop fruit.

By providing a wide range of nutritious products, the platform supports healthier eating habits and enhances overall well-being.

Yes, the platform offers various farm produce, including cassava, rice, soya beans, maize, corn, wheat, millet, yam, cocoyam, black beans, plantain, and kidney beans.

Yes, the platform offers various farm produce, including cassava, black beans, and kidney beans.

Yes, offers a selection of sauces and condiments, including tomato paste and oyster sauce.

Yes, offers a selection of sauces and condiments, including tomato paste and oyster sauce.

You can visit our website or contact us directly on or through our customer service for more information.

Please incase of abuse, kindly contact us using any of our contact mediums, starting the nature of the abuse.

You can rest assure that your image will be protected. Thanks

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